This modular course is focused on teaching you all about propagation in your iBwave Design software.

Completion of this module can be put towards the completion of your iBwave Level 2 Certification

Module Duration: 3 hours

What’s Included

  • Course Access for 1 Year
  • Certificate of Completion

Note: To take this course you should have access to an iBwave Design license. No trial license is available.


Pre-requisites for this course are:

  • iBwave Design Level 1

Learning Objectives

Upon the completion of this course you will have mastered:

  • Propagation Models
    • Fast Ray Tracing (FRT)
    • Empirical (COST 231)
    • Variable Path Loss Exponent (VPLE)
    • Free Space Path Loss (FSPL)
  • Process of running predictions in iBwave
    • Prediction settings: configuring prediction and propagation properties
    • Defining prediction areas, environment types, and body loss zones
  • Propagation Output Maps
    • Signal Strength
    • RSCP
    • Handoff
    • Best Server
    • LTE RSRP
    • Service Count
    • Field Strength
  • Output map reports
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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson
  • 5 Topics
  • Course Certificate