Design your wireless networks up to 2.5X faster with the latest improvements to the iBwave Design software and save up to 10 hours when designing complex wireless projects!

Designing wireless networks might be complex and time-consuming, with users often having to choose between design speed and prediction accuracy.

With iBwave, you don’t have to choose! You can now design your wireless up to 2.5X faster than ever while maintaining the highest prediction accuracy! This means you can save up to 10 hours on designing your wireless projects!

We’ve made tremendous progress in the time spent on the key design tasks and significantly improved our UX for your seamless experience.

Here are the concrete improvements we’ve achieved for the key network design tasks:

  • Up to 39X Faster Calculation Times
  • Up to 2.3X Faster Predictions
  • Up to 19X Faster File Load
  • Up to 2X Faster File Save
  • Up to 3X Smaller File Size

These improvements are only the beginning of our journey of making your lives as network designers much easier. We’re committed to continuously improving our software so you can design the highest quality networks easily and quickly!

Read our press release for more information or visit our product page!

We’ll also host a LinkedIn Live event, where we’ll discuss how to overcome challenges to accelerate your network design along with the recent performance improvements in detail, and what it means for you as a customer.

Please join us for this event on March at 10:30 AM (ET)! Sign up Here