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Introducing the Stencil Library!

We’re thrilled to unveil the Stencil Library, a game-changing feature designed to revolutionize your building modeling process! 

What is Stencil Library? 

The Stencil Library is a collection of user-defined templates, or stencils of frequently used markups, images, 3D objects, and materials. Craft stencils from single objects to complex 3D structures, save them, and seamlessly paste them onto your floorplan. You can also scale, modify, and share stencils with ease! 

How Can You Benefit? 

We understand that building modeling can often be complex, tedious, and time-consuming, taking most of the time spent on your network designs. That’s why we’ve introduced the Stencil Library! It offers a dramatically simpler and faster way to bring life to objects and surfaces on your floorplan. There’s no need to remodel your objects or search for them in other projects. Say goodbye to repetitive tasks and hello to increased efficiency! 

The Stencil Library is a versatile tool, ideal for various use cases. Whether you’re designing offices, sprawling factories, or massive warehouses, the Stencil Library has got your back. From walls, doors, and windows to intricate machinery, vehicles, planes, and more, you can build and save it all. Our stencils support a wide range of objects and combinations, including: 

  • Markups and Images (shapes, lines, and polygons)  
  • Rich-text and simple text boxes  
  • Walls and Surfaces (inclined and horizontal)  

Upgrade your software to Release 21 to access and use the Stencil Library for your wireless projects! 

What’s Coming Up Next? 

As a valued member of the Wave Runners community, you’ll have an exclusive opportunity to share your stencils with fellow designers and access stencils created by others for your own projects right here on Wave Runners. 

Stay tuned for the upcoming Stencil Library updates as we continue to enhance your design experience!