Survey 5G & LTE Networks in the Most Seamless Way!

Exciting news! You can now survey 5G and LTE networks seamlessly with the lightweight, cost-effective and powerful solution – iBwave Mobile combined with the Epiq PRiSM scanner! 

5G Surveying with the PRiSM scanner now complements the existing LTE and P25 capabilities making it one complete solution for surveying wireless networks. 

One Solution, Multiple Benefits: 

Simplified and Cost-effective Surveying Process

Gone are the days of cumbersome, heavy tools and complex survey tools. The PRiSM scanner weighs only 6 ounces, magnetically attaches to your device and eliminates the need for a SIM card. Leverage the capabilities of our solution for the most efficient and cost-effective network surveying! 

Improve your ROI 

Say no to expensive rentals or outsourcing. Our cost-effective too puts network control back in your hands, offering a full solution for the price of 3-4 rentals or outsourced site walks, boosting your ROI! 

Unlock Multi-Technology Network Surveys 

Effortlessly survey multi-technologies with our flexible solution designed for the evolving needs of field technicians and enterprise IT teams. Unlock survey versatility for enterprise private or single carrier networks with an affordable and efficient alternative to traditional scanners. 

Eliminate Post-Processing Hassles 

Simplify the end-to-end survey and design experience and save time and costs thanks to eliminated post-processing! See your data instantly in the iBwave Mobile app without the need of data transfers. 

Quickly Analyze Active Frequencies and Interference 

Use the spectrum analyzer to quickly scan for active frequencies and analyze interference!