iBwave Design Level 2 Certification Exam

$ 299.00 USD for 1 year


1 Lesson

1 Quiz

Course Certificate

This modular course is the final exam to achieve your Level 2 Certification

Completion of this module is the final step to achieving your iBwave Level 2 Certification

Module Duration: 3 hours

What’s Included

  • Final Exam
  • iBwave Level 2 Certificate (based on a final passing grade)

Required Prerequisites

Warning: The completion of Level 1 as well as all Level 2 modular courses are required to take this exam and receive your certification. If you purchase this exam module without the pre-requisites you will not be allowed access until all pre-requisites are completed.

  • iBwave Level 2 Pre-Course Fundamentals
    • Radio Wave Propagation Basics
    • Basic Propagation Models
    • Antenna Characteristics
    • In-Building Propagation Models
    • In-Building Propagation Measurement Guidelines
  • iBwave Design Level 1 Certification
  • iBwave Design Level 2 modules:
    • Active DAS/Power Sharing
    • Propagation
    • Collection, Calibration & Validation
    • Optimization
    • Advanced Design Validation
    • Design from Scratch Workshop (Level 2)



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