iBwave Private Networks Recertification (Wi-Fi only)

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Important notice: The iBwave Wi‑Fi PC Certification has been rebranded with the Private Networks Certification (Wi‑Fi only).
Note: Recertification is subject to approval. Please proceed with purchase request, and once your order is approved, you will be notified to proceed with payment. Prerequisite to qualify: A valid Private Networks Certification or Wi-Fi PC Certification obtained no more than 3 years ago.

iBwave Private Networks for Wi‑Fi Only: Essentials to design and validate Wi‑Fi projects

The iBwave Private Networks Certification program for Wi-Fi only is intended for engineers and technicians involved in the surveying, planning, designing and validating of high‑performance Wi‑Fi networks. Learners will explore the iBwave Private Networks application and gain valuable knowledge on how to build Wi‑Fi networks through the associated procedures, demonstrations, and workshops.

This course will cover the basics of how to start a project, prepare floor plans, survey, design and run predictions for Wi‑Fi networks. A year-access to an online copy of the Student Manual is included.


  • Familiarity with Wi-Fi network deployment.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Design in-building Wi-Fi projects using plans, access points, and other network components
  • Add specific project details using annotations and mark-ups
  • Model a building incorporating walls and surfaces composed of various materials
  • Optimize the network design by running and analyzing predictions
  • Collect, import, and modify survey data
  • Configure and generate reports

Note: You may notice that the numbering of lessons in this course is not sequential. This is because this content is a subset of the iBwave Private Networks Certification (LTE/5G & Wi-Fi) to only include the lessons pertinent to Wi-Fi networks.



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