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00 Course Introduction

Welcome to the Level 3 Certification course!

Before we look at what will be covered in this certification program, let’s reflect on the milestones you’ve already achieved on your certification journey.

In Level 1, you acquired the essential knowledge needed to create and design in-building systems to meet specific requirements using iBwave Design as well as properly model a building in three dimensions.

In Level 2, you developed your knowledge of active DAS design with power sharing between multiple operators and enhanced your skills using the iBwave Design Collection, Propagation, and Optimization modules.

In Level 3, you will acquire knowledge about 5G New Radio Design, Capacity Planning, and MIMO.

By the end of this certification program, you will be able to:

  • Describe the main features and characteristics of 5G new radio networks
  • Configure systems and small cells for 5G NR networks
  • Build, analyze and optimize 5G NR designs to achieve required coverage inside buildings
  • Configure and generate reports required for deeper analysis or proof of compliance in 5G new radio networks
  • Plan for capacity in venues considering the major factors that influence capacity in mobile networks in any technology including LTE and 5G NR
  • Identify factors influencing MIMO performance
Course Duration

This course is divided into modules with various durations. The duration of each module will vary depending on the time that you spend on the Your Turn to Try hands-on exercises.

Let’s get started!